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Thursday, March 24, 2005

My Joshua Tree National Park Wanderings

On my third morning in the park a man came over to my campsite saying he needed to "get rid of some gear." He and his two female companions were flying out the next day to return to Vermont. They couldn't take some of their camping equipment back with them. Part of the problem was the new TSA regulations; the other part was the cost of excess baggage. It is now $80.00.

Their generosity was much appreciated as they gave me a Coleman stove and fuel, some chairs, a water carrier, a tarp, and some delicious, homemade corn relish.

As we visited on that cold, overcast morning, John mentioned Samuelson's rocks east of Hidden Valley. I must not have listened very carefully to his description of their location south of Mile Marker 22, because when I headed out later in the morning, I wandered for more than two hours, and covered more than five miles, searching for the elusive rocks with profound writings on them.

This is what the tracks looked like:

The most wandering set of tracks were of my first, unsuccessful search. The second set of tracks were successful, although we only found three of the eight rocks.

This is the first rock we came across. Mr. Samuelson uses interesting spelling.

He carved into this huge rock:

      The Rock of Faiht
      And Truth
      Nature is God
      The Key to Life
           Is Contact
      Evolution is the Mother
      and Father of Mankind
      Without Them We.Be.Nothing.

            John Samuelson 1927


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