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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

After Virtuals went away, I resisted Waymarking until now

Well, that statement isn't completely accurate. I did create a Waymark last summer when P.T. and I found some berries while looking for a cache, however, since then, I had not looked at the site. That is until a couple of weeks ago when "Glenn" posted something about WiFi spots being listed on the site.

When I saw that there were none on Waymarking for the San Diego area, I spent several hours mapping them on my Mapsource maps. Then when I went into town, I found out about two of the closest ones.

It wasn't easy getting those submitted because of the arcane criteria the Category owner, Jeremy, required. He was very nice when I emailed about the problem and posted in the Waymarking Forum. Soon the stringent criteria were changed to be optional, or they included explanations I could figure out.


Sunday and yesterday it was so hot here, I stayed on the computer and created a few more Waymarks, one of which hasn't been approved yet. OpinioNate has looked at the page and complimented it, so when the Group Leader returns to review it, maybe it will go through. It is for the Indian Petroglyphs site out at Picture Rock campground out in the desert West of Gila Bend.

These are my Waymarks. So far, as you can see from the various icons, they are somewhat diverse.


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