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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Easter Sunday caching

I finally found my first cache about 4:30. It was an easy Micro attached by a strong magnet to a street sign. It had that great cammo tape, but it might not have been the best cammo for the location.

"Gee, I wonder where the cache is?"

I drove around a little more than necessary before starting out for the second one, "Sound of Progress." That was a walk of about 1.2 miles, which was just the perfect distance for after-Easter-Brunch exercise. It was a quick and easy find--a peanut butter jar--under the bikepath bridge near the overpass.

I read the logs carefully for the next closest cache, so I found the correct starting point, although I could have parked closer. However, I needed the exercise, so the .33 miles I walked to that one was good. Once I found the trailhead, it was a short walk along a horsepath to the point where the GPSr needle made a hard right turn. From there, I just had to watch out for the very healthy Poison Oak growing near the path.

I got close to the spot and looked around for just few seconds. A very artificial pile of rocks gave its location away. Beneath the rocks was a large coffee container. It had some cool things inside, as well as one of those advertising give-away bandaid keepers.

I took out a little thing that might be someone's signature item and left a plush tiger. As I was putting the cache back, I slipped and banged my shin hard against a pointed rock. I gritted my teeth against the pain, then retrieved the cache again to get a bandaid out of the bandaid keeper.

I rehid it in a very natural way. I don't think it will be quite as obvious a find for the next Geocacher who comes along.

After that one, the nearest caches were multis, and since it was truly dusk by now, I headed south and then west to grab that one in the REI parking lot. I read about it weeks ago when it was first placed. Good to finally put that one in the "Found" column.

So, two miles of walking and four finds in less than two hours on an Easter Sunday evening. Not bad.


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