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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

The elusive Golden Hammer was finally found

The cache that gave me so much grief, when I couldn't find it, even though I had a lot of fun, on the same day someone else did find it, was finally found today. Actually, after looking for an hour, P.T. found it in its little hidey hole where it is in plain sight, if you just happen to look that direction while negotiating the big rockpile.

It was a bit hazy, but the view was still great from up there.

After finding this cache and the nearby "Walking for your Health" cache, we walked to two other caches I had already found.

We went back to town and had a nice lunch and afterwards decided to take one car. In loading up P.T.'s car, I realized I didn't know where my GPSr was. EEEEEk!

I told her to continue on caching and I would go back and look for the lost GPSr. I walked all the way out to "Golfcourse View," where I didn't find the GPSr. That meant I had to walk all the way back to "Walking for your Health." On the way, I saw mountain bike tracks on the trail and I hoped the person either didn't see it, or didn't ride that far.

Finally, I got to a place where I had put the GPSr in my pack after turning it off. However, when I put the pack back on, the GPSr bounced out. That is the last time I'll ever put it in a pack pocket without securing the lanyard to the pack.

Wheeeeuu! What a relief. I would be lost without the GPSr, and I don't know how I could have afforded to get another one.

I finally made it back to town and called P.T. about 4:00 p.m. She met me and we took off with plenty of daylight to still find several caches before we lost the sun.

We hiked up to "Santee Saddle" and then over to "Boot Rock," which was a great old timey cache.

The late afternoon light made for a beautiful view. You almost can't see all the grafitti on the the rocks.


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