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Friday, June 17, 2005

Two cache-busy days this week and one not-so-busy day

Tuesday and Wednesday were marathon days again with 14 caches on Tuesday, when we went out to Lakeside and then up Wildcat Canyon to the Oakoasis Preserve, and 15 on Wednesday, when we went up to the Poway area. Wednesday was a very good day with not a single DNF.

Wish I could say that about today. I needed to go in to San Diego to pick up a friend who was having work done on his vehicle. We DNFd three caches and only found four. It takes a lot of time to DNF a cache compared to looking at the arrow on the GPSr, glancing around for a likely hiding spot, then grabbing the cache, signing the log, and returning the cache to its place.

Two of the three caches we DNFd today are ones I'm not likely to return to unless I get a very generous hint from someone. In fact, even with a hint, I might not return to the one that is near a phone in front of a grocery store.

I like caches that show me something new I couldn't have found on my own. Pay phones and grocery stores I already know about . . .


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