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Musings about Geocaching

Friday, May 27, 2005

Tonight I embark on my first night cache hunt

Several other cachers are meeting up tonight to experience
The Proctor Valley Monster Project.

This is a cache I have had on my nearest cache list for the past four months, but I wasn't going to do this cache by myself.

The cache description has this disclaimer:
This cache was designed to be done at night. You will need a good flashlight. You should also have a friend (with a flashlight too). Please don't do this cache alone. Monster or no Monster, it is in a pretty secluded area, and there is safety in numbers.

So, I'm packing my headlamp and my flashlight along with all my other Geocaching gear and looking forward to a little Geocaching socializing, as well as a fun, and maybe even scary, adventure.


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