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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Two more DNFs after a day of caching

The first one was a micro at the end of a four-stage multi. This was a well-done multi that gave a good tour of the main section of buildings at Balboa Park, and since it was a beautiful day, it was fun, but even that doesn't quite equal the ability to sign a log and later get another smilie on the web site.

I took a picture of this flower while pretending photography was my true interest in the area of the final stage.

The last DNF was for a cache in a section of Morley field. I didn't know for certain where the cache was located because it is one of Duscwe!'s 'Unknown/Puzzle" caches, but I used my camera as the invisibility factor as I looked and looked and looked at the Melaleuca "paperbark" trees in the picnic area of the park.

Amazing delicate soft flaky bark

The snails call the flaky bark home

The trees were truly fascinating, so I wasn't terribly disappointed when I couldn't find the cache. After half an hour, I stopped the search because I could feel a bit of frustration-stress developing.

When I got home and went to that cache page, I saw that others in recent days had not been able to find the cache and Duscwe! has temporarily archived it. I logged my DNF anyway and will post some pictures of the unique trees.


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