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Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Boy, am I tired today after finding 14 caches yesterday!

Wheeuuww! What a wonderful day we had yesterday. I met up with Princess Toadstool in the morning and we headed east to find some of the Sandy Creek Cowboy caches, among others.

We had a great fun day doing the Buckman Springs cache, then Sandy Creek Cowboy Cache #3.

Princess Toadstool finally figured out the ladder, but I somehow got roped into going up to retrieve the cache. That wasn't a problem because I'm not afraid of heights, but once you have to go past the point where your hands can be on the ladder, it is a bit unsettling. When I took that last step up, and reached above to the top of the wall, I actually found the cache location when it wasn't as solid as I expected it to be.

From there we did the La Fantasma cache just up the road. At that location we ran into a woman who was out taking pictures. We gave her the Geocaching-is-a-great-hobby talk and sent her on her way with a pencil. There should be another Geocacher among our midst in a short while.

The cache after this one involved a play on words. However, I didn't get it until I read the cache description this morning when I was logging all the caches. If the Sandy Creek Cowboys don't make you laugh with the cache itself, the descriptions will make you laugh.

There were lots of flowers blooming along the roads and trails. These penstemons were just one of many that were photographed by at least one of us in the group.

One of the next nearest caches was "Rangers and Rattlers." We had a chance to be co-FTF on it, but, when we got to the gate, we decided the road was probably too much for our cars. We backtracked and headed down the road towards "7 for 7" and then up the trail to "Rotten Wood." Finally, at the latter cache, I saw the hiding spot before Princess Toadstool did. She is very good at seeing the cache hides quickly, but then she's been doing this about eight months longer than I have and has found more than 500 to my mere 124.

After walking back from "Rotten Wood" we headed on down the road to finally put "Bob's Cache" in the Found column. My friend and I couldn't find it the last time we were out there, but we weren't looking for that kind of cache placement back then.

The La Posta diner provided a nice mid-afternoon stop where we refueled on homemade French onion soup and coffee. And then down the road we went to look for more SCC caches, and find the second stage to SCC #6.

The next SCC cache entailed climbing through a "bob ware" fence. We looked for quite a while under those oak trees and near that rock pile before the previous logs in Cachemate gave us enough of a hint to look for a different kind of cache placement. Do you see it in the picture?

Didn't think so . . .

After this we drove up the La Posta Truck Trail, gettin' our clean, city cars all dusty. Another unique cache placement characterized each of the other four caches we found.

The funniest one of all was a large blue barrel in which the cowboys had place a five-gallon water bottle. Inside the bottle were more than 60 35mm film canisters. Uh Oh!! Although some people have been luckier, it took us 58 tries to get the correct canister out of the bottle in order to sign the log. Like Duscwe! said to the Sandy Creek cowboys in his log, "How do you sleep?"

After sunset, we found the second stage to #6 and then it was time to say goodbye to Princess Toadstool as she headed up Sunrise Highway to continue her two-day caching adventure.

After getting off the freeway, I got out my flashlight and walked across the road to get Duscwe!'s new Meadow View cache. Only then could we turn off the GPSr and finally head home, tired, but so happy, after such a successful and very fun day.


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