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Musings about Geocaching

Sunday, April 17, 2005

I was "Second to Find" today and four for five

I woke up at 5:00, but I tried to hold back the obsession since I just went Geocaching yesterday.

Finally, about 10:00, I took off for one where I thought I might be able to get "First to Find." I thought that would be a cool milestone for my #100 cache.

When I got to the spot, I looked around for a while, then read the description again, then expanded my search. I bent down to look in this one yucca plant and . . .

I jumped a little when I saw who "Al" was. After all, this was "Al's Cache."

What fun! So, I opened the cache and for a second thought the paper only had the cache name at the top, but no, it was Flagman's FTF and name. But, Second to Find, after Flagman, who has more than 1500 caches to his name, and he was only an hour ahead of me. Boy, next time I have a chance for FTF and I'm awake at 5:00 in the morning, I'm going.

From there I found two more caches and then climbed way up to Golden Hammer. That was an incredibly steep hill and it was treacherous. At times the vegetation was so thick, it would get tangled around my legs. Once I got to the rocks, it was fun climbing on them. I looked and looked and looked for that cache, but finally stopped and took some pictures.

I was having so much fun, I climbed around on the rocks some more and continued looking for the cache. Actually, I think I was just trying to delay the trip down through all the vegetation. I almost sprained/broke my ankle on the first step off the rocks to the uneven ground.

After each one of these trips, I wonder when I won't make it out in one piece. Taking these kinds of risks can't always have a good outcome--although I hope they do.


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