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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Two milestones, of sorts, today. Cache #99 and 19999 miles

After driving the same little Honda car for more than 26 years, I got a new car almost two years ago. It is a Toyota Matrix and I love it. Until I started Geocaching, I babied it and never took it on any gravel roads, or hardly ever, and it was only driven when necessary.

I guess it is still only driven when necessary, but Geocaches are now in the list where only grocery shopping and other errands were.

There is a cache only four miles from my house, as the crow flies. However, by the time I drove over there and back, I put 20 miles on the car and when I drove in the driveway, the odometer was on 19999.

The cache I went to find is over by Loveland Reservoir where another one went missing a few weeks ago. When I saw it in the "New Cache Listings," and saw there was Yellow Jeep Travel Bug in the cache, I wanted to go for it, but after my adventures Thursday, including the hard fall, I was too sore and tired. But, today I had no such excuse.

Since this was cache #99 for me, you would think I would have this game/sport/activity/obsession figured out--but I don't. I clicked on the "nearest waypoint" in the GPSr as I got close to the parking area for the reservoir, and noticed it had the GSAK name with "Love" in it, so off I went down the trail. When the arrow started to point in the direction of the other cache, I checked the GPSr again. I was heading in the wrong direction. So, I actually walked back to the car to see if there was different access to the cache. But, no, the description talks about the lake trail.

So, I head off down the trail again and it is certainly living up to the rating of "3" the cache owner has designated. In fact, the lake is so high that in one place I have to do some life-threatening scrambling up a gravelly face to get around the flooded part of the trail.

Once around that finger of water, I found myself beneath a beautiful oak tree nearly surrounded by poison oak! Hmmmm! And on the Mapsource map the cache looked so easy, and so close.

Finally, I found my way to the cache and, of course, the Yellow Jeep Travel Bug was gone. So, I was "TTF" (Third to Find), which is actually really good for me.

This was the first cache I've found made of those materials. It looks like it is nearly indestructible and should last as long as any ammo can.

My trip back to the car wasn't nearly as adventurous, but I'll never tell because future Geocachers should have at least half an adventure looking for this cache. :-)


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