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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

I get to go Geocaching tomorrow

The "Cachin in Fashion" event is tomorrow night, so I have a "valid" reason to drive all the way into San Diego. As long as I'm putting that many miles on the car, I need to find some Geocaches. So I did a Pocket Query for an area near the San Diego river, and a popular Virtual cache. I loaded those waypoints into the GPSr and put the info on my "Palmie," and then even printed out a map after putting those cache icons on the map page.

How did I do this before I figured out GSAK and Cachemate?

So, if I find seven Geocaches tomorrow before the event, the Event Cache will be my 100th cache. But, who's counting?

It is funny to read some of the Forum threads about the "numbers." If this was a truly competitive sport, I probably wouldn't enjoy it because I'm not a competitive person. That is not what drives me. But, that little arrow on the GPSr, and the numbers going down, down, down, as the distance lessens . . . now, that is what drives me.


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