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Saturday, April 02, 2005

I got a new icon today -- for a Locationless cache

This "Where's in a Name" cache took me the longest to grab. I found out about it in the Forums several weeks ago and set out trying to find a fellow Geocacher at the latitude my user name worked out to.

My first attempt was successful. The couple I contacted got out the very next day and posted the pictures before I was even up and on the computer. Wow! Great! Wasn't that nice of them?

And then, . . . when I was posting my log, I realized I had made a mistake. I mixed up the number in the first part of the coordinate, it should have been 43 North, not 46 North.

So, embarrassed and feeling foolish, I contacted them and deleted my "Found It" log.

When I finally figured out where my real latitude was, it turned out to be just a bit north of Ketchum, Idaho, where I lived for eight years. I contacted a couple of different Geocachers and finally got a reply from one person, who ultimately forwarded my email to another Geocacher.

He was able to get up to the area a little while ago and sent me the picture necessary to log the find. The picture reminded me about one I took more than twenty years ago.

The cache picture was taken not too far from my nephew's Memorial Bench that was placed on the trail after his death in 1999. And, when my fellow Geocacher was out taking the pictures for the "Where's in a Name" Geocache, he took part in a recovery effort for a snowmobiler who got caught in an avalanche.

Since my sister still lives in the area, I am hoping the person who was killed was not someone she knows. For a small community, there has been a disproportionate amount of grief for people killed or injured in accidents.

This was such a fun project to work on. I want to extend a great big thank you to my fellow Geocacher for participating in this unique cache.


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