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Friday, April 01, 2005

The magic occurred again tonight

Earlier in the day I met some friends and we climbed up Cowles Mountain. I found the Solstice Site cache and Elec-Terrific View and then we headed back down to grab some lunch. It was an absolutely gorgeous, almost crystal clear day with a bit of a Santa Ana clearing and drying out the air. I regret the fact that the distraction of socializing kept me from getting out the camera. I didn't take a single picture today.

After making the drive to REI to buy a new GPSr (A Garmin eTrex Vista) for my friends, I finally got a chance to look for one more Geocache before the day was done. The one I chose was Tribal Hideaway. I looked for it a few weeks back, but that day I didn't have the description with me, only the waypoint on the GPSr. Tonight I had the description, and even the clue, but the sun was nearly down and it was dark on the east side of that palm tree. I looked and looked for it and couldn't find the "cammoed Tupperware" container. I sure didn't want to log another DNF for this cache.

So, I walked around a bit more and then came back and moved the very same palm fronds again and there it was -- a brilliantly camouflaged container. It is amazing how that happens!

Here is a screenshot of the extent on my wanderings on my two visits to this cache:

These past two days have been fairly productive. I got a late start yesterday, so I only found two, and lots of distractions kept me from finding more than the three I found today. Tomorrow is Saturday. If my knees can take it, I'll head out again to look for some along the Otay Mesa Road. There are a few down there that have been on my list for two months and its time to put them in the "Found" column.


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