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Friday, April 15, 2005

I found five caches and got a new icon after yesterday

Goals are not for me. I thought I would try for seven caches before the Event Cache last night so that could be my "Number 100" milestone. Well, if you count maintenance on my own cache, and the DNF I logged for another, I did "visit" seven caches.

If I had chosen different caches to do, I could have found seven easy, but the first one I decided to look for was the "Sky Show Hideaway," which has a difficulty rating of "3" and a terrain rating of "4." Now that the mustard plants are more than six and a half feet tall, perhaps the terrain rating should be changed to a "4.5."

The second cache, "Buster Groovedog's Entertainment Cache," wasn't all that difficult after finding a parking place in this very busy area during the middle of a work day. However, I didn't put my hiking boots on for this one and should have because the soles of my Nevados weren't up to the slippery branches I stepped on and I went down, hard!

The last cache, "Above Old Town Cache #2," also involved a bit of walking, and my legs could feel it as I climbed the steep hill near the Junipero Serra Museum in Presidio Park.

I've always loved this building, so it was great that the cache brought me back to this area again.

I had quite a bit of trouble locating the cache, and could feel fatigue seeping in, and the sense of "fun" going out of the "goal." During the search, I stopped to take a picture of this pretty flower growing in the shade near a huge log.

After taking the picture, I spied a face on the other side of the rabbit trail. It was a wooden Tiki Mask sitting on the ground. Because I went over to investigate it, I was able to find where the cache was hiding. Thanks Mr. Tiki.

The only other caches in my GPSr and my Palmie on the way to the Event Cache had descriptions, or logs, that made me decide to try them another day, or completely delete them from my current database. So, it was time to fill up the tank with gas ($28.00 -- YIKES!) and change into my non-caching clothes before heading off to learn something from the people who have been doing this a lot longer than I have.

At the event I saw names on nametags that matched up with those I recognized from the Forums and the cache logs. It was great to look at the name and finally put a face to it.

Great fun was had by all, and we learned a lot, too!


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