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Monday, April 18, 2005

Well, isn't that interesting . . .

The cache I couldn't find was found by someone else yesterday.

No one had even tried to find it since early March, and then two of us attempt it on April 17, and this person writes in their log, "Nice cache." Wow, after risking life and limb to get up there over eroded ground, through tangled plants bent on tripping you up, and climbing on rocks that move when you step on them, they write, "Nice cache." Even the non-finders of this challenging cache wrote more in their logs than this lucky finder did.

In addition to the hazards I already mentioned, there was another within a few feet of the 0.00 point--poison oak:

Actually "Nice cache." is a somewhat normal comment for this particular cacher, who had only found six caches before this, However, he wrote more that in their log for the nearby mini-Altoids tin cache. Funny!

Maybe this person uses this WAP Site to log their finds while walking between caches. That would certainly explain such brevity . . . However, if that was the case, the "Nice cache." log would have been there Sunday night when I was posting my five-paragraph DNF log.

Since the travel bug is now in this person's possession, I do not doubt that they found the cache, but I'll sure be curious to eventually see exactly where the cache was hidden. Even though I had a lot of fun up in that big rock pile, it is not an experience I need to repeat very soon. I won't be attempting to find this cache again until at least one other cacher, or the cache owner, gives the updated coordinates (since the cache was apparently moved) and gives another very specific hint.

I found one other cache placed by this cache owner. It was a very good hide in another big pile of rocks--but it was findable. If I remember correctly, my GPSr was within eight feet of that one. That one was memorable because it was the same day I saw this snake at another cache just an hour before!

On my way through the rocks up to the location of the cache, I really had my eyes open for another one of those guys.


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