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Saturday, May 28, 2005

And a great time was had by all on my first night cache

What a great adventure! George and I arrived on the scene first and soon there were headlights approaching from the south and from the north. Duscwe! and Devhead and Chuy and Flagman and his son and a friend were soon gathered at the trailhead. After introductions all around and some friendly conversation, we were soon ready with all our packs and swag bags and flashlights and headlamps, so off we went into the darkness. The first exciting thing to see was the upside-down minivan in which Duscwe! had placed a cache, but never activated. It seems to have been "muggled" even before it was a real cache.

As we followed the road, in places it became quite treacherous for walking in the dark. The reflectors lit our path as we navigated through the overgrown brush in places. Finally, a red reflector announced the stopping place and there was the cache. We gathered around and told caching stories and compared notes on other caches while the log was passed around for all of us to sign.

Finally, after getting a few more tips about how to solve puzzle caches, all of us headed back down the sometimes-steep descent arriving back at the vehicles without incident or injury.

A great time was had by all. Afterwards I headed home while Chuy and Duscwe! and Devhead headed off in the direction of more caches that just needed to be found.


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