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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

No wonder "city folk" can find so many caches

I was in San Diego for my first Humphrey's concert of the season and while I was near Shelter Island, I thought I'd try to find some caches. So, an hour later, I had five caches found, and one DNF -- all in the time it takes me to drive to the "Park and Ride" out in the East County to meet up with Princess Toadstool or gvm to do some caching out here.

No fair!!

Actually, it was a beautiful afternoon and even though I've been down that way a lot, I saw it differently because I was looking for caches. I had been on Lucinda Street a couple of years ago when I got a new camera, but it was good to go back and take another picture from that excellent viewpoint of the "Big Bay" and the San Diego Skyline.

The last cache of the day was "Hearts of America" which was supposed to be a heart-shaped Altoids tin. Maybe the "heart-shaped" one got borrowed for something because this is a typical rectangular, non-camouflaged, red, black and white Altoids tin.

The one cache for which I had a DNF was supposed to be a cylindrical container "next to the thing that is next to the thing that is bright red." Hmmmmmm! Well, I didn't see anything that fit that description, however my GPSr sent me to this location.

Today someone logged a find on that one for the previous day, but they said they didn't sign the log because it was so "wet." Guess I'll have to check with FlagMan about that one.

I did, however, find his "Rosecroft Gardens" cache which was well-camouflaged, although stinky, because it has that lovely creosote smell. So, at least I know I'm not blind.

At the "Grandparents's Cache," I started feeling a bit conspicuous after walking back and forth to the car and up the path for several minutes.

I took a couple of pictures then reluctantly left the area, however, in a more rural location, I would have spent more time looking even more thoroughly.


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