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Monday, October 17, 2005

My new cache remains unfound after a day

Saturday I got out of the house and drove just a little way down the road where I could park my car and walk down the now-closed road I used to drive when I went to meet a friend in Lawson Valley to go horseback riding.

Everytime I reached this point, my mouth would drop open at the incredible view. So, now there is a cache to draw people to this location.

The cache is very well-hidden, but I think the hint will make it easy to find because there aren't too many rocks you can sit down on.

It rained for part of the day and that might have kept some cachers away. Someone posted a Google Map of the rain.

Of course, the distance out here is another deterrent. By the time I leave to meet P.T. and LostGuy51 and Duncan! for our climb up to Lawson #4 tomorrow, it will probably have been logged . . . but I really hope the first finder doesn't search after dark. The view needs to be seen, but the location is tricky, involving some rock scrambling and bushwacking. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt trying to find my ammo can.


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