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Monday, September 26, 2005

Sunday's Geo-Rock-tober Fest was a great success

The Dillon Gang, Dan-oh, and Bob & the 3 Bears organized the "Octoberfest" picnic at Mast Park in Santee for September 25. It was well-attended by Geocachers from this area, as well as from north of here. Some of the highest-number cachers in Southern California were in attendance, but the newbie cachers were not forgotten with the competition that was offered on a trail with several camouflaged waypoints.

I didn't do the trail because I was having way too much fun talking to HelBobDuo and Fattboy and Team Fatman and T.R. Violin and LostGuy51 and the better half of the Senior Sleuths and Dan-oh and Duncan! and Let's Look Over Thayer. I especially wanted to meet him because his logs are so fun to read. I also enjoyed reading the description of and then finding his "Gipionysius and the Pirates" cache with the "cammoed mammal."

During the afternoon, I got some tips for caches on which I logged DNFs, so I can proceed with confidence, I hope, to success on my return to those caches.

Cornerstone4 brought along his Geocoin collection and shared the numbers with all of us. There are a lot more icons on my cache page now.

Thank you, C4, and the others who shared

After the picnic was over at 4:00, P.T. and I found a new cache at the Home Depot in Santee and then we were off to her "Kramer's Hole in One" cache. She had a bunch of golfballs to add to the cache container, and I hadn't found it yet. Since a T.R. Violin cache was nearby, we walked up to that one. It was painted to exactly match its hiding place, but I found it right away. I like those kind . . . [grin]

I never knew there was an access trail to MTRP up that residential street. Now I have to make a return trip someday because there are many more caches on that side of the park.

So, a big THANKS goes out to The Dillon Gang, Dan-oh, and Bob & the 3 Bears for organizing and pulling off a very fun, very infomative, very entertaining Geocaching Event.


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