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Monday, August 29, 2005

No Internet access this morning

It was going to be another very hot day, so as usual, I was going to log on to the Internet, participate in the Forums, read my comics, and check the news. Today in particular, I wanted to see about the Hurricane.

But, what's this? I can't get online. I try several times, but all I hear is something odd through the external modem. Finally, I try to call a friend, and I can't even call her. I get a recording saying that my phone has been disconnected. DISCONNECTED?!

So, I call SBC, my local phone company. I didn't owe them any money, so that wasn't why my phone had been disconnected. They connect me to repair and I listen to their "Voice Mail Jail" for many minutes before finally getting a technician. The first woman I spoke to tested the line and said it was fine.

So, I tried to make calls again and then called back 611, using the '0,0,0,0,' shortcut to get through to a technician. This woman checked more things on my line and said there was a problem on their end that they could fix in three to four hours.

After talking to her, since she said it had something to do with my Local Toll and Lond Distance Provider, I called them. The Customer Service Representative said that I had more than 6000 minutes of local toll calls on my phone and owed them more than $300.00!

Eeeeek! Somehow, SBC had given them the wrong number for me . . . or so they said, so all my local calls were being billed as toll calls.

After three hours on the phone, which included a three-way conference call, it got ironed out. SBC is going to pay the bill, because it was an error on their part. However, I really blame my Local and Long Distance provider because they could have notified me two weeks earlier, when my account suddenly showed such odd activity.

After the last call, I was able to get online to select my PQs to receive for tomorrow's caching trip. It will be good to get out of the house and into cooler territory closer to the coast.


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