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Monday, August 15, 2005

DNF on a "Locationless" cache

A local cacher told me about this cache, "A Cache of Palindromes," yesterday.

I've always been fascinated by word palindromes, so I started figuring out what this would mean in terms of coordinate numbers around here.

Much to my surprise, there was a location not very far from my home, and it looked like it was very close to Wisecarver Truck Trail.

So, before I washed the car today, I drove up that dusty gravel road in great anticipation as the numbers on the GPSr were going down. However, I soon realized they weren't going down quickly enough as the road got rougher and narrower.

Finally, at .19 miles from the location, the road was blocked by a big wrought iron gate with "Keep Out" on it.

So . . . I have to go back to Mapsource to see if I can figure out Palindromic Coordinates I can access.


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