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Musings about Geocaching

Thursday, August 04, 2005

Two rather adventurous days in San Diego

This week we didn't have to go back up to the north part of the city to get some cards from Max's Favorite Park, or find stages to any puzzle caches, so we worked our way from the East County to some new caches and then ended up near Balboa Park.

The day before I got stung by a bee and by mid-afternoon, my foot was killing me. I wasn't much help finding the cache, "Ellis and Alek," because it hurt so bad. I was really, really relieved when P.T. said "I found it."

At the end of the day, after I thought I had moved the pictures from my camera to the computer, I deleted the pictures from the camera. Only problem, the pictures didn't transfer. I'm sure glad I hadn't taken 50 pictures, or taken pictures that were necessary for a Locationless cache.

The next day I did take pictures when we were in Old Town at the park where old homes were moved during economic redevelopment in the 70's. I'm so glad these homes were saved, because I had a friend who tried to save a home by having it moved to this park. The home was rejected at first, so he stripped it of everything he could before the wrecking ball arrived. Only after all the mahogany wainscoting, solid-wood pocket doors, tin ceilings, and other uniquely-Victoria features had been removed, did he get another notice from the organization saying they would accept the home afterall.

Imagine how we would feel if that fate had also befallen these homes as well.

Old vs. new up on the canyon rim

After finding and logging "#4 Privet Drive," we went over to Fiesta Island to find the "Whale Poop Isle" cache. We couldn't get Nancy's new boat to inflate, so I ended up going over by myself. I replaced the container since several people had commented on the wet logbook.

After I paddled back, she took off to find out about the boat. I cleaned off my kayak and loaded it back on the car and took off. I really tried to resist the pull of "Don't Fear The Reaper," but couldn't. It wasn't a very long walk and I told myself I would walk back with Nancy if she doesn't find it on her own sometime. Having seen a spoiler pic, it wasn't hard to find this time. In fact, I'm surprised we didn't happen on it in our extensive search the week before.

The cache is actually somewhere in this picture.

I found another cache in Pacific Beach and then headed to the put in place for the Humphrey's concert that night -- B.B. King. Nancy was already there with her new boat. The problem was due to "operator error."

This is what the venue looks like from the water.

A great time was had by all. B.B. King put on a great show. He is a very humble man and constantly thanked his fans for being so supportive of him and his music through the years.

The next concert I hope to attend is next week. Shawn Colvin and John Hiatt are two of my favorite song writers, so it should be a great show.


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