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Saturday, July 02, 2005

I just passed 350 caches found

Last night I went to a Chris Issac concert at Humphrey's. No, I wasn't one of the people who had a ticket to the sold-out concert, I was one of the boat people.

Of course as long as I was in San Diego, I had to find some caches. I put "Grandparent's Cache" in the found column. It was one I posted a DNF for the last time I was there. The view from near FlagMan's parents house is fantastic.

I also found "Give me Shelter," one that I somehow missed the last time I was on Shelter Island.

Then it was off to the concert, but first I had to stop at the deli to get a great sandwich to eat during the music. I got the kayak ready and in the water. The tide was pretty high so there wasn't much of a beach, just enough. The sky was overcast by the time I was paddling across the quiet water.

The concert was great, but I kept thinking about a cache I could get on my way home -- have I mentioned how obsessed I am with this game/sport/hobby/addiction?

After the concert, which continued even after the 10:00 curfew time, I paddled back to the Bessemer Street location, washed off the kayak, and loaded it and everything else. Then I could finally look for the "Travel Bug Hotel -- Room with a View" cache on Harbor Island. It was only 11:00 p.m., what the heck.

There is so much light on that street that I walked the 300 feet from my parking spot without my headlamp. After realizing I couldn't see in those rip rap rocks, I walked back to the car, got my headlamp, checked the clue one more time, then walked back.

I found the cache easily this time. It was very well hidden, but I'm still surprised with all the fishermen who use those rocks that it hasn't been discovered by a non-cacher. I didn't have a Travel Bug to trade, so I just signed the log and finally started the 30-mile drive home.

Of course, after I got home, it wasn't midnight yet, I just had to log my finds. Finally I got to bed sometime after 1:00 in the morning and in my sleep I dreamed about Geocaching, Travel Bug Hotels, and shiny Geocoins.


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