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Thursday, July 28, 2005

I found my first Earthcache on the trip back from Reno

The flights up to Las Vegas and Reno were quite bumpy and exciting. In fact, on the first flight, they didn't serve drinks or snacks because it was too dangerous for the flight attendants to be out of their seats. I got some great pictures both on the ground, where we had to stay for a while in Las Vegas since air traffic control wasn't allowing any planes to take off, and in the air.

Just watching the other planes go by

I wonder if I could log an Earthcache from the air

When we finally landed in Reno, the pilot came on the intercom and said, "Wheeuuu, we made it."

I like flying Southwest.

We were an hour late landing, but we didn't have to wait very long for the man with the truck to pick us up. We had kept him apprized of our progress whenever we were able to use the cell phone. He drove us to his fancy hotel parking lot where he told my friend about the truck, its unique characteristics, and how to shift it. He sure seemed to be in a hurry for us to get out of town, suggesting we spend the night in Carson City since weekend motel/hotel rates are so high on a Friday night, or so he said.

By the time we got a place to stay in Carson City, after looking at three different motels, the only place we could get some dinner was at Denny's. I hope that is the last time I have to eat at a Denny's, although the food wasn't that bad, the service was . . .

The next morning we got some coffee and then quickly found three caches in town Superstitious?, Carson City’s Once Greatest Building, What's Left and DNFd one that put me in the middle of an intersection.

On our way down the highway we stopped at Monitor Cache just past Topaz Lake where I dropped off my newest Travel Bug, "Mr. Manny Moonlight McToy."

Another cache we found on the way down the road was Roads to Reno 395 South Walker River. I left a Travel Bug that I brought up from San Diego in that cache where it had this fantastic view.

In Lee Vining I got the information off a plaque for a Virtual cache and then we went on to the Earthcache at Mono Lake.

After we left Mono Lake, it was hard to watch the map on the GPSr because there were caches showing up on it, and we were in such beautiful country, I really wanted to stop and look for them. But we had places to go, so we didn't stop again until we got to Bishop. I feel fortunate that this picture, taken while we were traveling down the road at 65 miles an hour, came out so well.

Because Bishop is a thousand feet lower than the area where we had been, it was hot, hot, hot when we arrived. All we wanted to do was get in some air conditioning and relax. We went to a couple of motels before finding a reasonable and clean one that didn't smell like cleaning chemicals or flowery room freshener. It was a block back from the highway just up the street from the Great Basin Bakery and not too far from a great Mexican Restaurant where we had dinner . . . and a glass of wine.

The next morning we grabbed some bagels and coffee at the bakery and hit the road. We stopped at a couple of caches, including the very emotional Virtual at the Japanese Internment camp at Manzanar on our way down to Lone Pine where I wanted to show my friend the Alabama Hills. I didn't realize there was a Virtual cache there until we arrived, so it was good to bag another cache while we were in one of my very favorite areas.

If this area isn't someday turned into an Earthcache, I will be surprised. I'm sure it has an interesting Geology story, in addition to the interesting history of all the movies that were filmed in the area.

After leaving Lone Pine, we stopped at Whitney View, which is fairly close to 395. That is where I left the last Travel Bug I brought with me. Some two-hundred miles from home, I was surprised to see the familiar handwriting of Team Gecko as the last entry before mine in the logbook.

Over the two-day trip I found 15 caches out of the 448 that were in my filtered Highway 395 database in GSAK . . . so I just have to return. Maybe after the temperatures cool off in September.


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