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Thursday, August 18, 2005

After a whirlwind two days of caching, I have 561 caches

Tuesday P.T. and I got started an hour later because we were going to the Bobby McFerrin concert at Humphrey's that night. I needed the extra time to load my kayak on my car and get all the stuff together I was going to need.

I went to the new "Not My Fault Earthcache" first and then we walked down to a cache P.T. had already found. From there we got in my Geomobile for a change and made a circle around from a cache in the Clairemont area to some in the Pacific Beach area to a three in Mission Beach. We had one DNF on a puzzle cache final location before heading back to the parking lot to retrieve P.T.'s car.

The concert was great. Bobby McFerrin can do so much with his voice. There is new management at Humphrey's and they added some plants that block the view from the water. You can still hear the entertainers just as well and we had a lot of fun. Paddling back under a nearly-full moon on the quiet, smooth water was a wonderful experience.

The next day I met P.T. at our usual rendesvouz place in El Cajon and we set out to find a few caches in her neighborhood. Then we hiked .60 of a mile to a new cache in the Marian Bear Park along Highway 52. We were walking and talking so fast, our GPSrs beeped that we were nearby before we even realized we had walked so far.

After getting back to the car, we took off for the final location of the TriWizard cache. This was going to be our third visit to that location and this time, in the daylight, armed with a generous hint from the cache owner, we found the coordinates to the final cache. Once I found the cache, the hint made a lot more sense.

On our way up towards our meeting with Parsa and dhsundance, we thought we would grab a couple of TheRamonaGirls caches. They are always easy finds.

Uh, strike that "easy." We looked for two of the new "Tranquility" series caches and struck out on both of them. We did find an unusual hide behind some buildings where the cache was attached to a metal piece that was stuck in a tree. This was a tree that had grown around the support post placed when it was originally planted as a sapling.

The other great one was at the AAA building. Great cammo on that one. I hated to write in my log that I found it quickly because it really was a good job and shouldn't have been that easy to spot.

On my GPSr I could see a cache only a few blocks away from our meeting place up near Vista. I was sure we could find it and still be on time, so we ran part way up the hill .15 to the "Vista del Casa Birdlegs" cache where I found another TB to add to my "collection." We ran back down the hill and made it to the meeting place with two minutes to spare.

dhsundance arrived first and then Parsa arrived. We walked over to the well-cammoed "Patriotic Quiz" cache and signed the log as a group. After figuring out our next cache, we took off, with a radio in hand to hear what was going on in the two vehicles in front of us.

I soon discovered that these guys were serious. When we arrived at the next cache location, they didn't even turn off the engines of their vehicles before racing off for the cache. Parsa already had the cache in hand before I arrived. Wheeeeu!! This was going to be exciting.

And, it was. We found 15 caches in just over three and a half hours, plus I got the info for three Locationless caches during that time. In fact, Parsa pointed out the El Camino Real bell at one of the cache locations and said it hadn't been logged yet. Since he is the owner of that cache, he should know. dhsundance took my picture to comply with the cache rules. He also took my picture in front of another unique mailbox. I got the pictures of a flag at another location.

During those three-plus hours, where were we? I don't know. What roads did we travel? I don't know. But we sure had a lot of fun. Thanks Parsa. Thanks dhsundance. And of course, thanks to P.T. for driving all that way.


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