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Friday, August 26, 2005

Mountain Man just clarified everything in the Forums

In response to this comment in the Forums:

Is it just me, or does anyone else seem to always find the hardest way into the easiest one-star terrain difficulty cache?

Seriously, I went to look for a cache today where I walked through about half a mile of forest equipped with wicked looking thorn bushes and poison ivy. Later found out that a bike trail lead almost directly to this cache.

So Mountain Man responded thusly . . .

The logo illustrates your situation perfectly.

In one block you have the Groundspeak Guy. He sort of represents you and me, the average cacher.
In another box you have the flag, which is the cache.

One of the dotted lines represents the path you take as you bushwhack through thorns, poison ivy, creeks, snakes, ticks, bears, steep cliffs, wild elevation changes and all of the other lovely things we go through to get to the cache.

The other dotted line is the established pathway that runs within 10 feet of the cache. That is the path you take back to your car.

Another Forum poster expanded with even more explanation:

You will see the 1st path is blue, the same color as hospital scrubs, and the poor guy is screaming in pain from his twistedanklethorninthesockbranchintheeyepoisonivystingbuginthemouth and the trail out is green which represents the color the bruises usually turn before they finally fade away.

Still the funnest outdoor activity I've ever done on a regular basis and wouldn't stop if every time I went out I got the twistedanklethorninthesockbranchintheeyepoisonivystingbuginthemouth!

With all the wit and humor exhibited there, is it any wonder I spend so much time in the Forums?

- - - - - - - - - - - - -

And Saturday morning a new post includes this new version of the logo:


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