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Thursday, October 20, 2005

My wonderful hiking stick

Yesterday as we hiked up and then back down from Twin Peaks, in our Chaco sandals, I was again reminded how important my hiking stick is. I just don't know how I used to hike without it.

I was using a bamboo stick a friend cut from some plants growing on her property, but a while ago I got a collapsible stick at REI. I dressed it up a bit with a compass on the wrist strap, a beaded keychain I made, and some black cord wrapped around the handle.

Besides providing support when traversing very steep terrain, or offering balance when crossing a stream on a tree trunk, you can scare off any critters before reaching your hand into that potential cache hiding spot.

If you don't have a hiking stick yet, and you do any hiking at all, I really recommend getting one. Mine is indispensable now.


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