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Monday, March 06, 2006

Princess Toadstool heads out for new adventures

Last April when I went to the "Paperless Event," I met a woman who was even more enthusiastic about Geocaching than I was. When I emailed a friend about that fact, she emailed back,
"This is possible?!"

Shortly after that, P.T. and I met in Balboa Park to find a couple of Multis there. Her energy and enthusiasm -- and tenacity, when looking for a well-hidden cache -- was infectious.

A week or so later, my friend Rita and I met her to find some Sandy Creek Cowboy caches located in the East County. This picture was taken at SCC #8.

We had lots fun that day, laughing at the ingenious creativity of the Sandy Creek Cowboys: SD Rowdies and Carpenter from Hell.

From that week on, P.T. and I got together two days a week on her days off to cache far and wide in San Diego County, out to the desert in Imperial County, and even north in Orange County.

I will be eternally grateful to Princess Toadstool, aka Nancy Moore, for her kindness and generosity. I never would have found even half the caches I have found as of this date -- 1,307 -- if not for her.

I will be bookmarking her Profile page in my browser so I can follow along as she travels around in her motorhome enjoying the happy retirement she deserves.


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