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Musings about Geocaching

Saturday, April 29, 2006

After five hours on the road, I had driven 48 miles

That's caching for you . . .

That's right. I looked at the clock in my car, then checked the trip meter, which I zeroed out after getting gas just down the street from my mother's apartment, and I had only gone 48 miles in five hours.

I searched for three caches and DNFd each of them. I was beginning to think these Colorado cachers were just too clever for me. Then I finally found one, and another, and in trying to find my way to the correct highway, drove around in a circle, which allowed to to find another cache.

Finally I found Highway 285, the one I was looking for, but didn't find another cache located on a bridge in Morrison. After that, I put some miles between me and the next cache, a fun one called "Turkey Creek To." I had to cross over a small creek to get to the other side and the cache. It was a fun little adventure on a very beautiful day.

The scenery was incredible along this highway I hadn't traveled in many years. On my way to "Spooky Bat Cave," I saw this amazing view.

The more I drove that day, on my way to the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park, the more fantastic the scenery became. And the weather was perfect for a short 1/2 mile walk to "Cabin Creek Cache" near this amazing rock formation.

I took another couple of short walks to two other caches and maybe that is why I was so tired when I arrived at my campsite that evening. The sun was still up and the late afternoon light on the canyon walls was probably spectacular . . . but I was too tired to budge. I just put up my tent, ate some dinner, bundled up for what I expected would be a cold night at that 8,000' elevation, and went to bed shortly after the sun went down.


  • Fantastic pictures. Sounds like you had a great (if slightly frustrating) time. Envying you from the office :). Thanks for the posts.

    By Blogger PartTimeSock, at 2:20 AM  

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