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Monday, July 03, 2006

A great Event organized by iTrax and FoxTail

After spending the entire week at home because of the oppressive heat and humidity, it was great to have an Event to attend Sunday night. Jahoadi and John let me carpool with them to the downtown San Diego location.

The Event had been organized by iTrax and FoxTail who are the orginators of a great, Geocaching-related, weekly PodCast.

One of the first things I got to do at the Event, after getting my name tag, was "Discover" a new Moun10Bike coin that is going to be given away at another Event being held this week.

Although I took my camera with me, I never got it out to take any pictures at the well-attended Event. I was having too much fun talking to new people (like Cookie and Bruiser and The Polar Bears), greeting others like Nick of GRNZOOM who recently had heart surgery, and visiting with my hiking and caching partners, to think about taking pictures.

It was great to see Let's Look Over Thayer again and he shared his complete set of Puzzle Coins with the group.


During the raffle, my number wasn't picked, but other than that, the Event was wonderful.

After everyone else left, several of us sat at one table and exchanged stories. Pacholik, who caches in a different area most of the time, had some very interesting tales to tell. He is a "Puzzle Cacher." I sure wish there was a way to get my brain rewired so I could also enjoy trying to figure out the Puzzle caches.

We finally left the restaurant and made the several-block walk to the car. We were parked on the "G for Go Home" street that conveniently turns in to Highway 94. On the way home, we stopped to find a cache in an area that, during the day, would have been very muggle-full.

We were having trouble finding it with only the narrow beams of our flashlights to illuminate the bush, so I read the hint in my Palm, first getting the wording a bit mixed up while trying to read the words in the dim light there in the parking lot. The cache turned out to be 3' up in the white fly-infested bush, instead of only 12" as the hint stated. John was the persistent one, nearly disappearing inside the bush to search more thoroughly.

I had a great time. When I woke up this morning, last night's experience seemed almost like a dream. It was over too quickly, and for me, these Events don't happen nearly often enough. The last one I attended was shortly after returning from my road trip. Back then, it was just the "medicine" I needed to get me back in the game.

I wonder who will schedule the next one . . . and when?


  • Sounds like fun! You San Diegoers have all the great parties!

    By Blogger John, at 1:36 PM  

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