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Friday, November 16, 2007

Some pictures of the fire-ravaged Honey Springs area

Today after our hike to Lake Morena, I visited a friend's place, the one her husband saved by remaining behind and fighting the fire as it roared through.

They are building a home and are living in an RV next to the new foundation. The fire came fewer than 100 feet from their fifth-wheel.

The fire came out of the east from the little community of Potrero, more than 20 miles away. Most of the area in this picture is completely scorched. Out that way, more than 100 homes were lost to the flames. That is also where seven people lost their lives when the fast-moving flames caught up to them.

The nicer homes on Mother Grundy Truck Trail, well-protected by clearings around them, were saved from the fire that scorched the Mother Grundy rocks and burned other homes on that road, according to the website that lists the addresses of homes that were destroyed . . .

The hills along Honey Springs road that used to be covered with green chapparal are now blackened.

Further down the road from this location is the fire station, which has been turned into a staging area for disaster-recovery workers, fire-fighters, and the Red Cross. Along with other services for fire victims, they have anti-erosion supplies available for residents to pick up and place on their properties to prevent debris flows . . . if we ever get rain again.

The contrast between the way the area looks now compared to before is dramatic, but in some ways it is good. The views have sure been opened up where the brush burned. On a day like today, with such interesting clouds in the sky, the stark black of the burned hills has a certain beauty. The other beneficial thing is this area will not burn again for many years. That has to be a relief to the people who live nearby and who still have their homes and out-buildings. They won't have to worry about another firestorm like this one for a long time.


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