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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

A little hike to get a Terracache

I still did not have a phone to allow me to confirm any caching plans, so fisnjack drove out to my place. From here, we hoped to find a place to hike where we could enjoy the sunshine in the high country, a wonderful contrast to the overcast and drizzle fisnjack drove through in the lower elevations.

After doing a bit of computer work on his laptop, setting up the toolbar icons in GSAK, we drove towards Pine Valley, intending to drive up the Old Burma Road where fisnjack could get a cache placed by CTYankee9 and "Nobel Cache," one on my "Historic Cache" list.

A few weeks ago, when other parts of the Cleveland National Forest were closed due to the fire danger, that road was open . . . but not today. So, we turned around and drove back to Descanso, and the Old Viejas Grade road to get to the "trailhead" for a T.R. Violin cache on the top of "Poser Mountain." At the coordinates listed in the cache description, there was a place to park, but there wasn't exactly a trail . . .

Prior to the Cedar Fire in October of 2003, getting to the peak to sign the peak register must have been a real challenge. One person who signed it in April of that year, wrote "What a bushwhack. It took two hours from the road."

For fisnjack and me, it was an easy climb, but in a few years, as the vegetation recovers, it will get more and more difficult. Here is the profile of our climb.

On a really clear day, the views from the peak must be astonishing. To the east, the views were clear today, with interesting, wispy clouds.

Cuyamaca Peak still has its distinctive look, even from this different perspective.

Viejas Mountain had some wonderful clouds above it.

At the top, we took a picture of the benchmark then started a search for the cache. I don't know why my GPSr led me astray, but it sent me more than 20' to the west of where fisnjack found the cache, hollering out, "I spy." The cache had great T.R. Violin swag, but neither of us traded anything, although fisnjack left a new Jefferson gold dollar for the next finder.

It was a great day. I appreciated getting out again and enjoyed the lunch fisnjack treated me to at Major's, a favorite eating spot in Pine Valley where I had never been before.

I only found two caches today, the second one was a guardrail micro east of Viejas, but "it's not about the numbers."


  • Sounds like you had a great day. We have been caching for the last 2 days and had good weather here.

    By Blogger Vicky, at 3:06 PM  

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