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Thursday, October 11, 2007

A hike just for the sake of hiking

At my house it was overcast and I worried the day, on which a hike with a new friend was planned, would be cloudy. But, it wasn't. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, with a few clouds in the sky, just enough to add interest to the photographs I took.

After breakfast at the La Posta Cafe, we drove to the trailhead at the intersection of Kitchen Creek Road and the Pacific Crest Trail. From there, we walked south towards the falls, a trail I have hiked a couple of other times. During our hike on the trail, and our meanderings up the hill to find the a cache, we covered almost four miles.

I took a picture of some lichens on a rock and told my companion how many years ago, I heard a man from the Natural History museum explained how an algae and fungus went up opposite sides of a rock and took a "likin'" to each other and that is how the symbiotic relationship started eons ago . . .

Further down the trail the vista of the La Posta Valley and Lake Morena opened up.

As we hiked closer to the the falls area, which are dry now since there has not been any rain for months, I heard voices. I knew fisnjack planned a hike out this way, but didn't think we would see him since he usually starts so early in the morning. Soon I saw two people, and a dog, and knew it was fisnjack, dillweed, and little Teddie. A while later, after we followed the trail down to the creek bed, we caught up with them and talked for a while. Fisnjack was working on Travelita's Kitchen Creek Multi-cache and collecting the "Kitchen Creek Monteverde" cache for my "San Diego 'Historic' Cache Adventure" cache.

My companion and I made it up to the "Kitchen Creek Monteverde" cache and he signed the logbook. That was his first cache find! I dropped off one of the TBs I picked up in the desert on Monday and took a picture of the cute little Jeep before closing it up in the ammo can.

I somewhat reluctantly headed back to the vehicle. It was such a beautiful day, I wanted to continue hiking. I took one last picture of the dry creek bed with the distant view before we left the area.

On my way back home, I stopped to look for a couple of caches and couldn't find either one of them. Ine of the caches was called "Initialed Refuse" and once I got to the location, I knew why they cache owner got the name.

At that location, I got a better picture of Bell Bluff and another one of Bell Bluff and Viejas Mountain.

I really had a great time today and look forward to more hikes now that the temperatures are much more conducive to getting out and hitting the trails.


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