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Sunday, September 30, 2007

A wonderful day for caching and hiking and caching

bradybunchboy's "gave" me a cache for my recent birthday "Milestone." The day the cache came out it was cloudy and misty at my house, so I waited. Good thing, too, since Habu! was FTF! He left four Geocoins in the cache. WOW! I didn't realize all the coins were unactivated when I was at the cache, and although I left several items, I'm not sure they added up to the value of the beautiful Joshua Tree National Park coin I took, that turned out to be unactivated.

This interesting tree was near the cache location.

From there I drove down Thing Valley road to a parking place I remembered CTYankee9 parked at a few weeks ago. I was heading for another Hammer stone cache called "PCT Hike." During my attempt to get to the cache, I got to travel cross-country a couple of times. . . When I finally got on the correct trail, finding the cache was no problem because it was very exposed. The last finder didn't pile the nearby rocks on the container the way they should have, or a muggle found it and just left it.

A TB I picked up at the Event the other day is now in the cache. Before dropping it, I took a picture that I posted on the TB page. Along the trail that clung to the west side of the slope, there were interesting rocks along that trail.

After I found the cache, since it was such a beautiful day, I continued walking on the Desert View Trail for a while longer. However, I didn't know how far it continued, so I turned around before actually getting to the "desert view" . . . . There was some fall color as a reminder of the upcoming change of seasons.

On my "schedule" for the afternoon was a hike to the final container for the "San Diego "Historic" Cache Adventure," and wanted to have plenty of time to get to it. I wanted to put a Geocoin I picked up last Sunday on Mt. McGinty, as well as a Green Jeep I picked up a while ago. This is a picture of the coin in its new environment.

And, here is a panorama from that high ridge.

At the very end of the day, on my way home, I finally placed a cache on Lyons Valley Road near some cool boulders and a huge oak tree. I called it "Equus" because of the cache container, and its proximity to Horsethief Canyon.

I found one item at a Thrift Store and found its little brother at the Swap Meet I went to with a friend a little while ago. The small one is my new TB. Since he wouldn't fit in the container, I hope the first finder takes him with them.

This is the view from high above the road. I was in a very precarious, dangerous position when I took this picture.

I hope people like the container and enjoy taking the TB on it travels.

It sure was a fun day. I wish I could do that more often, but I put 60 miles on the car . . . I can't afford to spend that much on gas very often when I am not also running necessary errands.


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