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Thursday, September 27, 2007

My "Milestone Celebration" Event was a great success

I had never hosted an Event before. Although my friends might disagree with this, I am basically a shy, insecure person, and am uncomfortable in a large group of people. Or, I used to be that way at other social gatherings. Geocaching Events have been different.

Since I had a Milestone of my own occurring on September 26, I overcame my reluctance and posted the "A Milestone Celebration" Event about two and a half weeks ahead of time.

It was great to get a good response on the cache page by people saying they would Attend. That night, at the Peter Piper Pizza place in Rancho San Diego, more than 50 people showed up.

I had a great time, I never sat down even once, and never once thought about getting my camera out to take some pictures . . . I am grateful to everyone who attended. SlabyFam even drove all the way from Corona to Attend. I am especially thankful to my closest Geocaching friends for their gifts, including CTYankee9 who gave me a great "Flying Spaghetti Monster" Geocoin, dillweed, 3cd's, and SEPTICTANKHANK. My friend Rita hand-painted an Ammo can for my Raffle, and Hammer stone and Lady Hiker gave me an amazing petrified oyster shell.

It was a fantastic evening and I am thankful to all the people who actually made the Event a Milestone, including FlagMan who reached 4000 caches that night, fisnjack who reached 2900 caches that night, and 3cd's who reached 1300 caches.

Hosting an Event turned out to be really fun . . . I won't hesitate to host one again if another good reason comes up.


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