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Sunday, September 02, 2007

A fantastic all-day adventure with Chuy! and M2

Chuy! posted in the Forums that he was headed out to the desert to find three "Old Timey" caches on the list in my Mega-multi cache. I begged a ride from him and met him at 6:00 in the morning. M2 was driving his own vehicle for safety since the weather was very hot.

On our way to the trailhead for "Laura's Memorial Cache," we stopped to find the "2nd Anniversary Cache" in Julian. Then, we made the long descent down from the mountains to the desert floor to Blair Valley.

We took the sometimes soft and sandy road to the trailhead through Blair Valley from S-2. At the trailhead, it was not too hot . . . yet. We drank water before setting out, and carried plenty for the walk.

When we got near GZ, M2 made sure we walked all the way to the end of Smugglers canyon to see the view . . . and the abrupt dropoff. Too bad is was very hazy -- or was that dust? -- so the view was obscured. Chuy! and I scrambled up the the steep slope, partly because it was still in the shade and cooler. M2 took a gentler slope to the top and he beat us up to the Memorial, and saw two snakes on his trip up the "easy way."

The location for Laura's Memorial is spectacular. The cache was placed by Laura's husband and her untimely-death had to be very tragic for everyone who knew her.

On our way back down the high point, we saw two snakes. One let me take its picture; the other one didn't.

The rest of the walk back from the cache was, thankfully, uneventful. Along the way, I took several pictures of interesting rock formations accented by the high clouds that were also helping keep the temperature lower than the predicted high of 112°.

This is the boulder, with the pictographs on it, with the waning moon above it.

The clouds were beautiful, and the rocks were interesting, although they area difficult to see in this picture. At one point, I asked the guys to walk ahead so I could get a picture of them on the trail.

After we got back to the vehicles, we took a different route back to get closer to the other "Old Timey" cache on our list for the day, "Desert Peek-a-Boo." We were surprised to see these flowers blooming this late in the year.

The cache location is to the right of this pile of tumbled rocks.

At the shady cache location, Chuy! took care of the task of log-signing.

Before getting back out on the highway, we found a couple more caches and then we had a long drive down to our next trailhead, for another "Old Timey" cache, "Powder Can Cache."

I had been on that road only once before, almost two years ago, and we drove it from the other direction, but I remembered the location of a T.R. Violin cache I could show to M2. He had some of the caches in the area his GPSr, but others were not in it, so this fun one, "Where's The Beef," was sort of a "bonus" cache for him.

After our quick stop at that location, we found a couple of caches placed by Team Duckit. "Shelby's Cache" was near this cool looking pile of rocks and boulders.

That was a well-stocked ammo can that had all three of us looking through the swag deciding if there was something we just had to have. Ultimately, I think it was TNLNSL for all of us. From here, we continued to the next trailhead, and the subject of the next blog entry.


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