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Friday, August 31, 2007

A fun, but hot and humid day, in Bonita

A caching friend had some time free and asked if I wanted to get together. I knew I had quite a few caches in the Bonita area to find, so we met there and took off from there to find a total of 14 caches for the day.

The first stop was a DNF however. But I enjoyed the cache location.

One cache was a very tricky hide on a little bridge that has a crudely-painted sign that says "Not Safe for Horses." Gee . . . do you think so . . . ?

We looked diligently for a long time and I was just about to cry "uncle" and give up when I spotted a tell-tale sign of a hidden cache.

A lovely pastoral setting was close to an oddly-named Christmas Tree cache.

It was good to get away for the day because the power went out at my house again. It wasn't out for very long, but even five minutes without the fan running makes being inside my place intolerable.

I had a great time, I got some exercise, and got fourteen "smilies" for the day, the most caches I have found in one day in quite a while.


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