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Saturday, August 25, 2007

Whooooo Hoo! A FTF, but I had to earn it . . .

This was the profile of the hike I had to make to get to Team Adelos' cache he called "Where's Jack?"

The road was rough and treacherous and in places I wondered how anyone got through, even with a tricked-out Jeep. I had to be very careful, and I was walking . . .

There was a very interesting tree growing out of some different rocks in that area. Some rocks have a very "sandstone" look to them. These were darker and were covered with lichens.

It was a bit too warm for such a long hike. I was glad there were wispy, interesting clouds that covered the sun for a while as I did my exploring after finding the cache. While I was exploring, I found another shotup vehicle that surprised me when I saw it. I just had to place a cache in it, but I didn't have a container, so I improvised with a couple of items I found on the scene.

I had a great time, but I covered the seven miles in a lot less time than last week's six-mile hike, so by the time I got back to my car, I was feeling the distance, and the elevation gain.

I wrote up the cache description tonight and it will be intersting to see how long it takes for someone to get the FTF.

UPDATE: Sunday, August 26. "lostguy" made the hike to get the FTF on my "WORST.CACHE.CONTAINER.EVER." Sounds like he had to look for too long a time, even though I thought the hint was a give-away, without giving away the container's "container."


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