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Thursday, July 26, 2007

I placed a new cache yesterday

The little area of La Mesa called Case de Oro is a reminder of the small towns I lived in for 15 years of my life. The main street is only a few blocks long, but along that stretch of Campo Road there is everything you need. At one end, there is a Kragen Auto Parts store and a Goodyear tire store, as well as a few car repair places and "smog" shops. Then there is the obligatory 7-11. There is an Ace Hardware store, and a couple of Thrift Stores, a pharmacy, a grocery store, a Pizza Parlor, a branch library, a couple of gas stations, and some great little Mexican Restaurants. There is also a pawn shop, a bar, a couple of laundromats, a Carl's Jr, a do-it-yourself carwash, and at the far end of town the obligatory Starbuck's.

If you could somehow pick up the immediate Casa de Oro area, six blocks long by six blocks wide, and plop it down on the plains of Iowa or Nebraska, you would have everything a small town needed for survival, including some nice neighborhoods with modest, but mostly well-kept houses.

One block north of main street is this beautiful church building.

I placed the cache very close to where that nicely-framed photograph was taken. The only thing that would work in that location was a bison tube. I hope people enjoy being brought to that particular viewpoint of that beautiful Spanish-style building and will take their own pictures of the church building. I would like to see it in different light—early morning when the huge stained-glass window is more evident, or in the evening with a gorgeous sunset behind it.

It will be interesting to see how the cache and the location are received. It would also be nice if people would take pictures of the church as the seasons change and the backdrop of usually-clear blue sky changes.

(The picture on the page now is one I took before a storm in September, to replace the less-dramatic picture I took back in July when I placed the cache.)


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