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Monday, June 18, 2007

Three milestones for three cachers

CTYankee9 was hitting #1000 today, and he chose Flagman's cache, "The Hunt for Red October" for his milestone cache. Although I tell myself numbers don't matter, I realized I was also hitting a nice round number today, 2600, as was fisnjack (2500).

Not too far from the cache, which is in an area of Coastal Sage Scrub, there was this huge tree stump.

I wonder why they cut down the only tree. We would have enjoyed its shade.

All together, we looked for nine caches today, and only didn't find one of them, one I DNF'd two years ago when I was with Princess Toadstool. That "#6 Stagecoach Cache" just doesn't seem to be muggle-proof.


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