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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

A very windy trip to McCain Valley

The first cache we found was a Terracache hidden by Gecko Dad. The wind just about blew me over at one point when I got up after kneeling down to take a picture. The view was great from up there, and the rocks were amazing.

From that cache we went over to the viewpoint where there used to be information plaques, only two of them are still there, and one of them is in bad shape . . .

The view from that location is great, even on a day like today when the dust was blowing in the desert below.

The last cache I found that day was called "Cowboy Cache 1" which was near this interesting artifact of days gone by.

I have more pictures from the day, and I would like to write more about it, but I'm going for a hike in the morning, so I'll have to "flesh this out" another time.


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