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Friday, May 25, 2007

The "New" Math

The big Memorial Day weekend was coming up, so I decided to drive into town to get groceries so I wouldn't have to deal with the crowds on Saturday or Sunday. I wanted to get some "snack stuff" for our adventure on Monday.

At the store, I couldn't find these interesting Garbanzo Bean snacks I had seen before. They had been in a "bulk bin," and the price was around $2.50/pound. Not cheap, but less expensive than nuts.

So, I asked the young man stocking the shelves if they still had them. Yes, he said, and grabbed a pre-packaged container. I looked at the price per pound. It was $3.99. I said, "Sorry. These used to be about $2.50/pound. That is too much."

He said, "No, we packaged them for you. This package is only $1.90." I said, "But they are still $3.99/pound."

He didn't seem to comprehend. I said, "If they started selling gasoline by the quart, and they were only charging $.99 per quart, would you think that was less expensive than the $3.49/gallon we are paying now?"

He still didn't get it and tried once more to tell me the package was fairly-priced.

Oh well . . .


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