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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Well, so much for resting my sore foot

A fellow cacher was driving all this way to do the Carveacre Windcaves caches, a trail that is replete with wonderful views and intersting rock formations, so how could I resist, especially when I was going to be picked up right at my house.

So, I put another arch support in my hiking boots, on top of the Superfeet insoles already in the boots, and off we went.

After an early-morning adventure to get a FTF on a fisnjack cache, we made it over to the Carveacre Windcaves.

Later on during the day, we saw this guy lounging in the shade of some huge boulders that make up a sort of cave.

At the very end of the day, we could see the vehicle and I thought we could take a shortcut through the area since both sides of a draw had been "brushed." Boy, what a surprise when we got to the bottom of the slope. I looked down from my perch on a large boulder and through the tangle of branches of scrub oak and manzanita, I could barely see the bottom, at least ten or twelve feet down. There was absolutely no way to get across. Too bad. It looked possible . . .

We made our way back up to the trail and I nearly jogged the next .16 of a mile to the last cache of the day. We still had about .3 to walk from there up the road to the car, but we made it back just after 5:00, with enough time to spare for errands that needed to be accomplished later on in the evening.

As soon as I got home, after preparing something to eat, I put an icepack on my heel hoping to keep it from getting more inflamed after the six miles of hiking I did today . . . on a day I promised to give it more rest . . .


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