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Friday, May 11, 2007

Harmon is in trouble . . .

The other day SD Rowdies posted this picture in the Forums:

I really had not given much thought to that as a cache location . . . but after finding his cache today, "Waddle Up a Widdle Hill," which had a great view of Lawson and Gaskill Peaks,

I had lots of time left, and plenty of energy, so I made my way from the valley up a road I had not found before. From there, I started up a ridge that was fairly clear of vegetation as a result of the devastating fire last July.

During my little hike, I took some great pictures of some of the flowers that are still blooming.

The views from the ridge, and on up to the top, are fantastic.

Even though it is a challenging hike, I think the people who choose to do it will have lots of fun.


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