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Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Two FTFs, more than seven miles of hiking, and a new cache

Out in the Horsethief Canyon area, there were three FTFs waiting. Each of them involved a long hike, and before I got there, I had not decided which one to go for. Without actually making a decision, I started hiking down into the canyon, meaning I was heading for "Behold the lamb!," a Puzzle cache I could actually figure out ... but only because it wasn't a real "puzzle," only a tiny math equation.

So, for the eleventh time in the past several weeks, I headed down the trail I usually come back up when I am going around the loop. This allowed me to go past "Minnie Tinnie Listens to the Breeze" so I could change the container back to the little tin now that I fixed it so the lid comes off more easily.

I took pictures as I hiked along, surprised at how many flowers are still blooming after such a dry winter.

I finally arrived at the point of the trail where I could see the "lamb" and I started following my GPSr up, up, up, high above the trail. Once I got near GZ, I wasn't having any luck, and the terrain was much more difficult than I expected. I doubted the numbers, even though there was no way I could have made a mistake on the coordinates. However, I sat down on a rock and looked for the cache description in my Palm. Whoops . . . not there. Doh! Then I looked at the hint on my GPSr and saw the reference to some quartz. I saw an outcrop on the other side of the rock outcrop and headed over there. Not too far away, in a difficult place to reach, I saw the cache. Whoooo Hoo! FTF.

There were four Trackables in the cache and I retrieved two of them, realizing if I didn't take them, they might be sitting there for a long time. I made my way carefully down to the trail and on my way back, I stopped at a rock outcrop on the trail and hid the plastic container I had exchanged at "Minnie Tinnie." For some reason, the old song "It's Too Late Now" came into my head . . . That became the cache's name.

Once I got back to my car I still had enough energy to go for the closest FTF cache which was up the trail to the west. The views were astounding and I loved making that hike again.

When I got home, I played around with the tracks from the previous hike up to Elevation 3000 and put the location of "Too Late Now . . ." on those tracks.

If someone did decide to go to "Elevation 3000," when they get to the new cache, it really is too late to turn around, they are commited . . . or maybe they should be commited for wanting to make that hike . . .


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