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Monday, April 23, 2007

What a beautiful day for a couple of hikes

A loud knock got me out of bed early in the morning. It was fisnjack. He was headed over towards Horsethief Canyon to find my new caches on the west side of Lyons Valley Road. After that he was going to find the two caches placed by CTYankee9 along the trail towards SMOKEY's "Ghost Corral." So, he took off and I got up, fixed some breakfast and got ready. I met him over at the staging area a bit after 9:00 and we drove down the road to the gate where the trail starts.

Even though this area was completely devastated by the fire last summer, there were lots of flowers blooming along the trail.

The first cache we found was called "Artificially Stacked Stones." I had a pre-conceived notion of what I would find there. I was wrong.

After finding the last cache, next to which we saw some Bedrock Mortars that evidenced the presence of Native Americans in prehistoric times, we walked around a bit, looking at the damage to the Ghost Corral and checking on the cache near there.

After hiking back out, we stopped at the viewpoint for Horsethief Canyon, the place I had scouted on at least three occasions, trying to figure out where I could hide a cache. CTYankee9 figured out a place to put an M & M's tube, so we "duganrm'd" the cache and got the FTF.

Nearby, I found this "memorial" for someone who died just over a year ago.

We drove down Japatul Road to Carveacre Road and made our way up that winding road to Gaskill Peak Road and Lost Trail and the trailhead for "Ummm, Not This Way," another new cache placed by CTYankee9 the last time he was over this way. The cache has been out for a while, but fisnjack and I were "Second to Find." Not too many people drive all this way to find these caches, even though the area is really interesting.

I saw more of these burgundy flowers like those I saw near my "Don't Find This Cache . . . "

Where the horsetrail we had been following ended, I found this Yucca in bloom.

It was a really beautiful day with a cool breeze to balance the warm sunlight. After having quite a few days of inclement weather, it looks like we are going to have several nice days in a row now. I hope to get out again soon, and maybe I'll finally hide Geocache #100 this week.


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