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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A late afternoon hike to place two new caches

Across Lyons Valley Road from the staging area for Horsethief Canyon is a trail I saw some horseback riders take the other day. I checked it out on Google Earth at home to see if it somehow connected to the Gasill Peak trail I access from the Carveacre area. From Google Earth, I couldn't tell if the trail connected or not, so, this afternoon I drove the eight miles to the trailhead and set out to see where the trail went.

After hiking the scorched and burned devastation of Horsethief Canyon so many times in the past several weeks, it was great to be hiking through mature Manzanita and Mountain Mahogany shrubs. The trail was narrow and fun . . . except for the trash and bottles left behind by the Illegal Aliens who travel through here.

At a slickrock outcrop, I placed the first cache. I thought I might come back and move it if I found a better location, but it stayed where this is the view of Barrett Lake.

I continued down the trail, taking little side trips to see if there were any trails leading up to the ridge. At one point the "trail" was just the vaguest of paths marked only by broken branches.

I reluctantly turned around when I couldn't get to the ridge and on my way back I placed a little cache on another outcrop of slickrock.

The hike is easy and not very long. I should head back that way one day and get some better pictures from the different vantage points.


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