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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

A couple of days of caching the easy way

Sunday I wanted to take advantage of a 20%-off coupon I had for R.E.I.—plus there was a cache near the entrance to that store—so I set off to the new, very fancy shopping center southwest of me called Otay Ranch.

On the way, I stopped to finally look for a cache called "It's Still Not an Island." I have driven past the access road on many occasions because either the gate wasn't open, or I didn't have time for the half mile walk.

Otay Lake Reservoir was serene and beautiful from near the cache location.

The cache location was well-guarded by cholla cacti.

Yesterday, I revisited many caches on a caching trip to the East County with 3cds. He found 24 caches . . . I got three . . .

It was great fun however, and it was an absolutely beautiful day. We went to all the Sandy Creek Cowboy caches, which are "world famous" for their twisted sense of humor and creativity.

After finishing off the SCC caches on La Posta Road, we headed off to the east where we found Chuy!'s "Got Wind" cache. Near the cache was this interesting rock.

There was another "levitating" rock near the cache which offered a great view of the enormouse wind turbines.

Also near the cache was a motorcycle frame, and two motorcycle engines, and a couple of seats from a vehicle. 3cds called in the VIN numbers and the bikes had been stolen more than a year ago from El Cajon. However, the parts looked like they had just been dumped there this weekend. There was no rust on the parts, and the upholstered seats looked clean.

The dump site is very close to the border of the La Posta Indian Reservation, so I don't know what will happen now that the Sheriff's office has the information.

When you are out caching, you just never know what you are going to find . . .

I had a great day and was glad 3cds bested his "one-day record" by eight caches.


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