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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Can't believe I made a nearly 10-mile hike today . . .

After yesterday's long hike, I'm a bit amazed I was able to make a nearly 10-mile hike up and down and back up and down and back up and finally down the west side of Mt. McGinty to clear off all the caches, except some pesky puzzles, with Let's Look Over Thayer.

I met LLOT at an Event about a year and a half ago, but I knew of him prior to that because of the great logs he writes on the caches he finds, and the great, funny cache description he wrote for one of his own caches. He has such a quick wit that some of his posts in our San Diego threads in the Forums have made me laugh outloud.

He is a great hiking companion and I was sure glad to have someone with me to find all those meandering trails. He also came well-prepared for this journey with printouts from Google Earth. We referred to those on several occasions trying to negotiate the trails efficiently . . . something we almost succeeded at . . .

During our trek, I found twelve caches. I'm not sure how many he got, but it was several more, including two of mine.

Here are some of the pictures from our day:

At one point in the hike, we descended to the golf course golf cart track. Up on the hill, I found a golf ball. I released it on the track and the little ball rolled and bounced and bumped off the concrete curb and continued picking up speed on the downhill track. At a dogleg turn, it got stopped in a crack. LLOT helped it on its way. When we had to get off the track for some golfers speeding by, we lost track of the ball. It sure looked like it was having fun the last time we saw it.

For now, I have the entire mountain cleared off . . . except for a Puzzle I haven't logged yet and another puzzle I haven't figured out. Maybe someday I'll get those off my list.


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