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Thursday, March 29, 2007

I placed another cache today . . .

I didn't really intend to place a completely new cache today. I was only going to move a cache I had to Archive a few weeks ago so "Minnie Tinnie Starts Out on a Hike" could be activated.

However, to get more than .1 away, I had to walk a distance on the winding trail. I found a nice bush close to the trail that offered a decent hiding spot for a medium sized Christmas tin, so a new cache was born in this location, with a view of "Bell Bluff."


I also took a picture of the "Tow Away" signs along the road . . . the road where Chuy! parked when he went for the FTFs on the new caches along the California Riding and Hiking trail placed after I put out my series.

From the wording on the sign, I think they are serious. However, I'm sure the signs were put up a few years ago when the reservoir water level was a lot higher and people were parking along the road to fish.

I doubt if the tow truck drivers are trolling the area now . . . but . . .


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